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Do you use Mathematical patterns or sequence numbers in your games?

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I have done a lot of analysis, studies and metrics on results, game methods, strategies and combined payouts. Perhaps this is the month that I am having a low result of great victories, and many small victories, since I am entering a territory unknown in games or methodologies that I do not know and that are new to me.

How can I tell if a certain type of game is good or bad for me with just one move, or with an unsatisfactory amount of money? You can not measure this without at least doing a lot of testing with a certain type of game. For example, John uses a 1.22x or 2x payout that can be applied using the Fibonacci sequence.

Another player might say, I use the arithmetic progression pattern. While another person might say I use the geometric progression pattern. And another could come up and say, I combine these mathematical patterns and created a new pattern, the xyz pattern. Cool, this guy is really thinking a lot!

There are many cases of studies of mathematical patterns, I will not delve into formulas or theories, I am just coming here to open your mind to a new reality that may help you if you are wise and intelligent enough to apply any methodology that exists in your whether in the game or in real life.

I'm crazy? Not! I've heard a lot about this, and anyone who studies the games knows that good mathematical calculations along with luck can lead to great victories.

I personally believe that this game is pure math, you have to always be putting some kind of defense attacking the computer with a mathematical answer in terms of getting the profit either in the previous move you lost or in the next attack you will make!

I do not live without it, and I believe this is a way to victory. I know we have to be "lucky," but strategy combined with some mathematical factor can make a difference if you know what you're doing with a mathematical methodology. Some may scream, are you thinking too much about it?

I answer, I'm thinking of making money wisely. Playing without strategies or anyway is like entering a dark room and there's someone ready to catch you or do something bad to you. In other words, it is better to have a game plan in hand than not to have a plan of action.

Do you use mathematical patterns or sequence numbers in your games? Either you do not use any pattern, you bet anyway, play random anyway, meaning you randomly try to get lucky anyway.

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Math? It's definitely not something that will help you win anything. Whatever schemes you try to build, they will be useless if fortune is not on your side. To begin with, there must be a good service to play. If you use mathematical calculations on some site where there is a constant deception, then even if you are a professor of mathematics, you will still lose. You have to be confident in yourself and your victory. For example, with https://satta-king.center you can win even if you are a beginner in the world of gambling. Just try it!

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