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Would you risk 1ETH in a single roll?

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Risking big is not a big deal on PD. I have seen an high roller of 10 BTC. It all depends on your bank roll. Lol, If I mistankenly see 10 BTC in my account tommorow, I will withdraw without thinking about it twice. But some people will still gamble it and won more, but have I seen 10 BTC in my life before? So why would I gamble it?😅🤔

So, look at your bankroll and gamble away. Gambling 1 ETH is nothing. It is just the normal way of your gambling.

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On 12/07/2019 at 02:10, unilorin said:

For me, if i have 10ETH i will try hard to all in 10eth, that is not good ideas but it is very crazy and i like my crazy :)

That takes a lot of balls if you ask me.  Everyone obviously has their own answers and ways of playing, but no way would risk 10eth in one roll if that was my entire bankroll.  I would lose 10 out of 10 times even on 1.01x if I tried this... 😲

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lol i would not risk bet 1 eth. But if i had 10 or more eth bal. I would do that 😂😂😂 

But if had just 1 to 5 eth then bet at 1.1x to 1.98x is way difficult to recover after getting 1 or 2 red streaks.. so maybe ill play safe... slowly but surely :) :):)

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