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The right ways to convince referrals 👍🏻

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   Most of us find troubles referring new players to the site, thats because of the inability to convince or because most of those players avoid to be scammed. and with the high rising of the cryptocurrencie and the unusual movement of the crypto markets, referring new players will be more profitable than before, but convincing them to trust you and the site, and making them wager as much as possible is not that easy at all, so you have to put a plan in place to bring as many refs as possible.

   Here are yousome steps that might help you referring new players, and make you win your first currencies in this field if you havent done yet ;) 



     Recently, the number of cryptocurrencies forums is increasing because of the rising of the crypto coins, and because of the revolution of the blockchain technology, targeting these forums and posting topics about PrimeDice and explaining the way of playing and the different strategies will make the forum members interested of multiplying their earnings, because the easiest way to multiply your funds is gambling ( all depends on your luck ;) ). you must not forget to explain how does PrimeDice work, the provably fair system...etc. do not forget to add some pictures and screenshots to the topic for more transparency and to make them trust you.

   Also if you were a new member in any of those forums, I suggest you to increase your activity before posting any referral links, they frequently do not trust new members.

   Do not forget to target the non-english members and forum sections, because you may find many topics with the same subject in english sections, try to make a different content, and the most important point is to perfectly choose your words and titles.


    Youtube, one of the most successful ways in bringing the most number possible of referrals, there are many videos and contents talk about it, and to be successful in it, you will have to post a good content, and to convince people to join PrimeDice using your ref link.

   The first trouble you will face is how to get views on youtubem you need to reccord a good content explaining everything about online gambling and provably fairness in general, and about PrimeDice in special and our free promotions, challenges, race, and giveaways that PrimeDice offers :) 

   One of the most important things that may bring you more views is to choose carefully an interesting title, try to avoid copying others, not forgetting to add a good music in the background, take care about your video quality, and the color settings.

Social media and blogs:

   Social media and blogs are the best places on the net you can invite referrals from, you can target groups in social media that talk about gambling, cryptocurrencies...etc. you can join groups, and expand your friendzone to invite them later, you make a good presentation to the site. Ofcourse before posting anything you must carefully choose the right methods to convince as many actif refs as possible.


      At the end, and as we can clearly see, referring new players and convince them to play under your ref link using their own money is not that easy, it requires a lot of effort and patience, just remember to choose the right ways to post your topics, and if you ever could do that, you can earn big funds then :) 




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