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Hello everyone, a new crypto forum has been launched! It’s totally new forum supported by Trust Dice game.



Guys, how about to give a chance to newcomers in Crypto Forums. You might like. Feel free to test.😎😊


+ easy registration 

+ a way to shill about crypto you hodl.

+ more crypto forums - faster crypto goes to mainstream





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20 hours ago, williamsh said:

Great casino, I must say :)

Thank you so much for your feedback😊😊😍😍

9 hours ago, @zulfandina said:

oh ... i will try ...
but, what about the division in betting? is this fair? do they have fair payments too?

Hi, our game is provably fair and we are one of the top EOS dapps in terms of dividend rewards ☺️Here you can find more details about the fairness of the game  https://trustdice.win/faq , if you have further questions please always feel free to contact us from Telegram: https://t.me/trust_dice 🤗🤗

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