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[0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 4] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!

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Here is the winners list for Raffle - 4

1 - MrNice23
2 - pfodo
4 - noeprellik
5 - GKD09
6 - dikarico
9 giorgim66
10 - majes201
11 bondardima
12 - jamyr
13 - samsul123
14 - sheenlove
16 lupandina

I can still see people editing posts like @Swakto @Philip74 @gwapoman - they got disqualified for that.

@noobsaybot you number picking was correct, but you forum account was not linked to primedice account.

Please read the rules next time people, you are in a rush to win, which is normal but then you lose out like this.

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