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🎲 BITDICE - Wager Competition - 400 mBTC Prize Pool 🎲

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Wager competition image

BitDice Wager Contest

Website: https://www.bitdice.me/
We're excited to announce a wager competition with a prizepool of 400 mBTC
The rules of the wager competition are simple:

  • There will be 10 winners
  • The players with most wagered (all currencies) between 00:00 GMT on the 8th of July 2019 and 23:59 GMT on the 14th of July 2019 will win
  • One account per user
  • All wagers in all curriences will count towards the competition

Prizepool: 400 mBTC
1st Place: 150 mBTC (0.15 BTC)
2nd Place: 100 mBTC (0.1 BTC)
3rd Place: 50 mBTC (0.05 BTC)
4th Place: 40 mBTC (0.04 BTC)
5th Place: 20 mBTC (0.02 BTC)
6th Place: 12 mBTC (0.012 BTC)
7th Place: 10 mBTC (0.01 BTC)
8th Place: 8 mBTC (0.008 BTC)
9th Place: 6 mBTC (0.006 BTC)
10th Place: 4 mBTC (0.004 BTC)
Where do I find the leaderboard you ask?
Find your way here:
We're open to any and every question that you might have!

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3 hours ago, BoXXoB said:

3 days left to participate in the wager competition.

Current leaderboard looks like:



hdf has taken quite a big lead. But as I can see those who still want to get their share of the prize pool still have a little less than 2 days to win. 

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Only about 10 hours left until the wager competition ends and most positions are still +EV so fans of that should definitely give it a go!

Here are the statistics:


(for exact time type !contest in chat)

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Universeaaa made it to top 2 in only a short period of time, but hdf have banked a huge advantage for wagering from the very start, congratulations Winners.

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