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Return transaction fees suggestion

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as many of you know, primedice used to pay the deposite fees, for any deposit higher than 0.0025 btc, it was a good feature to add in the site, so didnt have to worry about the fees, and it supported us alot to make deposit without any calculations, i think we need this feature to be back now because the price is keep rising and going higher, and because fees are high and many players cant afford paying 20k-50k satoshi as transaction fee, even if they paid lower fees they will have to wait for hours or days to receive their deposits.

we really need that ( return transaction fees ) to be back gain :) 

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50 minutes ago, UltraChief said:

If you use a wallet like electrum you can choose a custom fee and that fee is taken from you remaining balance that is the balance minus the amount that is being sent.

I'm  actually no longer using electrum wallet, they have many issues, they has been stolen many times..etc, i only use blockchain lately as long as they support many cryptocurrencies, and i guess even if you choose a custom fee, your transacation will take way longer than expected, i think we should wait for fees to get a bit lower maybe :)

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