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gamble without capital

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On 07/07/2019 at 10:54, williamsh said:

To provide clarity to everyone, I asked this question of what you need to do to be able to withdraw, and support confirmed that there are absolutely no strings attached to your withdrawal :)



I thought this was the case and knew I had seen that post somewhere before, so thank you for posting it.  To give my 2 cents as well to the OP question... of course it is possible to play without ever making a deposit, and possibly even earn enough to eventually withdraw from it.  But as you said in OP, we all come here to gamble and hopefully win, so if that is truly the motive behind coming here is to make a profit, it would definitely benefit anyone to make a deposit as it is much easier to make and sustain a profit with more funds thank you can collect from rains, the forum rewards, etc, unless you are able to compound those funds and not gamble with them until you have a reasonable starting amount.

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            I think its not easy to enter here in PD without a capital.Just  like me im a  newbie here i just sign up on last april.And i could not enter the chatroom  with out a 100 USD waggered  so i need a capital or money change it into a coins btc,eth,bch or doge and roll on the game an aim to  hit the amount (100 USD) so that I can chat or enter in PD chat room.

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