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How does the casino's emotions alter your life and your health?

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This is a very controversial topic that involves the lives of all of us, the casino game! How do casino emotions alter your life and your health?

Many times we are happy, other times we are sad, the feeling involves joy, sadness, depression, nervousness, hate, fights, compliments, resentment, hurt, enmity and so many other types of feelings that only you player knows or has experienced in a casino.

So here in Primedice this is no different, our emotions change quickly according to the progress of the game, if the game is going well, we are fine, and if the game is bad, we are not well, we are bad. I do not like to use the expression "we are bad", but hardly a person wants to lose or is in a situation of red going to collapse, hardly has his behavior changed from calm to nervous, from happy to sad or from tranquil to aggressive and so on , whatever types of feelings a person may feel or express at the time of play, such as a smile, or a punch in the air, or cursing or even fighting and getting into arguments in the middle of a game.

If defeat comes no use trying to hide your defeat by using drugs, or filling yourself with drinks or any other things, then nothing will change your situation, on the contrary this will detonate your health, your body, your mind and after that effect drug or depression or whatever bad effect it ends, you will have to face something when you are in your normal stage: "accept that you have lost"!

Can you lose and be sad, and how will you take care of your health by getting depressed or using something that destroys your body or your mind? So stop and think, you are already a victorious being in this wonderful casino, if lost you will do something different, go walking, have sex, or sleep, or something that does not hurt you. Accept the loss and also be prepared to win and take care of your victory, do not kill your victory making stupid moves, because no one wins forever!

Enjoy your life, enjoy time thinking about good things, take care of your health, and when you lose cry, run or do something good, but remember this is temporary, at some point you will recover your situation. The good player is always ready to start over, recover, or know how to deal with a loss, are you prepared to face life in a casino? Take care of your life and your health, think about living !!

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I think for most people, a casino can become an addictive place, where it negatively impacts your health due to long hours playing and not doing other things. I am fortunate to not be in this situation, but I have seen many people suffer due to their gambling addiction from casinos.

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in my opinion casinos are about life that is not healthy because in casinos we can drink liquor. and also we will play in various games for a long time and do not ignore if we ourselves are sick or exhausted. yes I feel addicted that makes a lot of people feel at home playing and betting.

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