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Closing Comments on Forum Topics.

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So how many times have you started a topic, because you had a question or had a problem with something and then you got the solution to it within few comments. Then however, people who either don't read the previous comments or just don't care and only wants to increase their posts, replies with pretty much the same answer majority gave. 

I am one who likes to read the previous comments and then comment, so I don't give the same input someone else has - and if another has given the same answer I simply don't comment unless I have something to add to it.

My Suggestion
Why can't users who make a topic, also be able to close the topic when they have gotten their answer. This applies mainly to simple questions they ask here on the forum. Yes if its a discussion, then various input may be given even after several days, but for questions with like just one answer it is annoying to see the same answer from so many. This would easily reduce the spam and actually make the discussions more informative rather than repetitive. 

Maybe the mods and support will be able to comment regardless if its closed or not and they could also unlock it again if they have to?

One of the most recent example would be:

I got countless replies saying, if you don't like the faucet don't use it... sorta replies and it keeps annoying me because I mentioned that, that is not what bothers me. I just wanted to know why they thought they reduced faucet and if people were actually able to abuse it. I really wished I was able to close this topic many times! 

Let me know what you guys think :) 

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It seems like this feature where users are able to lock their own topics is currently only available to users with a post count of 1000 posts. I am not sure why this is the case, but it seems like that's the way it is for now.

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If you feel a reply annoys you report hem with a objective reason as to why you want to removed. If you want your topic closed report it to be closed. Moderators do not remove comments just because others may get annoyed - that would be censorship of free speech. Even if you report a comment it may not be removed for this same reason. However I do encourage people to report with an objective reason and not a subjective one.

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Posted (edited)

Hi @UltraChief,

Oh what? No I don't want to delete anyone's comments - yes I do believe they can see whatever they want too. 

I just wanted to know why the person who started a topic can't end it. Yes I understand sometimes a person can end it while a conversation is going on, but that's why I was suggesting that it can be undone. 

Anyways you saying that I can report to close it is what I wanted to hear. I didn't know it was possible. 

But I'm also talking about the effectiveness being able to close a topic. Then you won't see users just going to topics and repeat the exact same others have said and help no one but their forum rewards. 

It was just a suggestion, not just because it had few annoying comments to keep reading, but maybe to reduce some sort of spam in a way too. 

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