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[FlanTwitch's Stream] Stake2- RACE COMPETITION UP TO $2500!

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Hello Dicers! FlanTwitch Stream is here! 😎 

Today, I'm going to participate the race challenge! (will live 5 minutes before the race started.)

Giveaway I held in this stream :

  • Each 7 minutes giveaway at the stream by typing the keyword that being given by Flantwitch_bot.
  • Forum giveaway, just reply this thread with Stake username please. If you not registered yet, please join Stake.com for now and if you really wanted to support me, you can use my link on my stream. (if you new) 
  • If we have 60+ viewers = $1 rains at the ENG chat! each 10 minutes! (Stake chat)

I do a Stream at every Thursday GMT+0, 12.00 PM- 2.00PM. (for the race event each thursday!)

Make sure to hang out here and win some crypto by watching my stream!

Also, reply this thread in order to join a forum giveaway! One user, one entry or will be disqualified. (also you need to be present at that time when I'm rolling the giveaway, 1.50PM - 2.00 PM.)

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