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[0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 3] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!

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31 minutes ago, vinka1976 said:

7 - vinka1976


31 minutes ago, Brainy said:

3- mrmuscolo11


29 minutes ago, ethsawin said:

3- ethsawin

Three of you were disqualified for editing your posts.

Winners list:

1 - MrNice23
2 - Kittkatt
3 - sheenazbay
4 giorgim66
8 - noeprellik
9 - ceastem1
10 - dikarico
11 bondardima
12 - Bayraa
13 _ sheenlove
16 lupandina

Note: several people who might be thinking why they didnt get a share of the prize pool, please read the giveaway rules once again. I can see newly signed up users with zero older posts coming to claim the giveaway which will definitely not get them any reward. If you want to participate in future post in the forum regularly and get at least 10 posts done and ready to be eligible. Do NOT edit your posts or make multiple posts - that means you are trying to cheat the giveaway, and will be disqualified.

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