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[0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 1] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!

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Congrats to the winners

1 - MrNice23
2 - Etude
3 - u:octoling
4 giorgim66
6- Caligula6
7 - JohnTravel
8- peckatop
9 - denildan9
10 - majes201
11 - Byteking
14 - Astars
15 - Savvy17
16 - dmbadillo10

NOTE : I allowed the editing of posts for @MrNice23 and @Etude Because it was their "first" time (no pun intended you dirty minded people :D) but the rest of the participants were enforced with the rule of not editing the post after entry has been made. I hope you all enjoyed this giveaway as much as I did in hosting it. I definitely feel bad for those who didnt win after posting here or had to be disqualified. But I am sure you have learnt from your mistake if any and would participate in the next one.

I would do these giveaways again in future so stay tuned to this section of the forum where others will also host giveaways and make sure to get your forum accounts ready and cleaned up for taking part in them.

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