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Won 1 btc but the price fell.

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Lol. Very bad emotion at first, but after some time, it becomes a normal thing. That's the thing about gamblers, a real gambler don't stay on a loss or a news for too long, because it makes it not easy to move on.

But again, it all depends what I start with and if I made a little profit even with the price dip.

For example, the price is almost $9k now, and then it gets to $200, If I had started with 1k sats, to win 1 BTC, then I will not be too concerned. So far, I mad profit, I am good with it.

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first of all id say that it is really possible to the price to dump hard  .  whales are known to be powerful and they can manipulate the price depending on thier own preference  .   secondly , if ever i loose and then i manage to recover , i will still be happy with that and the price wont really that matter to me because even at the start i know that gambling using bitcoins or cryptos are verry risky due to thier volatile nature   .  the ups and down of the price are not included on the outcome of your gambling session .

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