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Invest in which altcoins

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On 12/06/2019 at 11:12, Kate said:

A new day a new month and a new price alteration coming soon for the altcoins in the amrket and the investors out there are investing in some of the best coins that they believe has the potential to grow. Some think that Dogecoin ha s a good potential while some say that Ripple would. 

But in my opinion the coins i would buy are 

  • Monero (XMR)
  • Dogecoin (Doge) 
  • Dash ( Dash ) 

Theses are the three coins that i believe that would have a potential to rise a lot in this month. 

Tell me which coins do you think that had the potential to rise this month ? 

I don't know, maybe I would still buy no coins, just pick coins at casinos. I thought about buying some XRP, but I won't buy anything. The market is fluctuating a lot, so I'll keep waiting a little longer to take some action on buying currencies.

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Well, monero would be a nice idea but its kinda old right now, also dogecoin have become stable which means noone's gonna get profited by investing or trading on it. It's a nice idea to invest on XRP and BNB right now while they are also award HODLers. These are the two coin I did some investments so far and I came up profited.

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I have a advice for you, so you should invest in one of the top 10 coins listed on the coinmarketcap. These are all potential coins and will increase in the future

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