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Choose a Charity Poll #12

Choose a Charity Poll #12  

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  1. 1. Which charity should we donate $1,000 to?

    • Theredcard.org
    • Watsi.org
    • Greeneration.org
    • Torproject.org
    • Tunapanda.org

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Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want us to donate $1,000 to!

  • Theredcard.org - Show Racism the Red Card uses the high status of football players to help end racism in society. This educational charity aims to defeat racism through providing young people with role models and anti-racist messages. 
  • Watsi.org - Watsi is a crowd sourcing donation platform that allows you to directly fund the medical care for individuals in developing countries.
  • Greeneration.org - Greeneration’s visionary mission is to bring more eco-friendly practices to Indonesia. Recycling programs for businesses and encouraging a better waste management service are a few ways Greeneration is helping Indonesia.
  • Torproject.org - The Tor Project has set a mission to defend your privacy online through free software and open networks. The goal of Tor is to defeat censorship and provide everyone with a truly private experience online.
  • Tunapanda.org - Tunapanda is a nonprofit organisation that focuses on low income environments in East Africa. The Tunapanda Institute offers its students free education in the fields of web design, programming, business and many more.

The charity with the most votes from this poll and Twitter will receive a $1,000 donation! (Combined with Stake votes)

Do you know a charity that should be on this list? Post it below!

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I love these incentives offered by the Stake and Primedice team! I voted for Tunapanda, although, I think that Greeneration is just as good. Cleaning the pollution and educating the uneducated can help improve our world :)

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I voted greeneration.org we really need to act and clean the environment for the future.

As we could see we have less tree's and unclean water.

Don't you feel bad that the next generation couldn't do what we done?

I mean playing under the tree climbing tree?

Going to a clean river to have fun?

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to be honest, tor didnt deserve our donation, there are many other sites and comunities that deserve our help, much more than tor, any way we appreciate your charity, and we are proud of what you do guys, be blessed :)

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