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Gaffar kanubhai

ICC World Cup 2019

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Cricket is the nice and interesting game.for this game world cup is the prestigious thing to the countries who play cricket.This comes once in every 4 years. The last world cup was held in 2015 and it was played at Australia and the winner is Australia.In this there are 10 teams to participate they are England, Australia, India,srilanka, South Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, New-Zealand, West Indies.This year 2019 world cup was held in England.England is a hot favourite team for this world cup and upto now they didn't win one world cup and this year they want to win this and they set a goal to win.Now I love India team because the captain for India is Virat Kohli he is one of the best player in cricket all over the world so I like the India team.
Place your favourite team and player for this world cup and Guess which team would win the title.Thankyou






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I will go for England with their Captain's Eoin Morgan.

Basically because of being Irishman and fight so much to become a great Captain.

Here's some good review from him: https://www.cricketworldcup.com/video/1221602/england-captain-eoin-morgan-rates-each-country-s-cricket-world-cup-prospects where he rates each country's Cricket World Cup team.

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