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IT: Chapter 2

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Hello to all film fans)

Recently there was a release and trailer for the film It:chapter 2, but what do you think, will the film be a good one?

In the first part, the clown himself was ... normal ... not very scary and not very funny. As in the second chapter, the clown still plays Bill Scarsgard, and you can tell about the antagonist what will also be normal. And now the most interesting, and it is the protagonist. Looking at the casting sites: digitalspy.com and imdb.com

I more liked my favourite actors like:

  1. Jessica Chastain (Which played a great roles in Dark Phoenix, The Martian, Miss Sloane And etc)
  2. James McAvoy (Which played well in the films of Split 2016, series films X-men, Filth 2013, etc.)

Well, more or less of their films, I know well, but I can not guarantee about the rest. But the feeling tells me that the film will be at the level of the first chapter, namely, good)

What do you think and if there is somewhere I was mistaken then please write from the bottom)

But for those who still do not know when the release date of the film itself - September 5, 2019


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Oooh this IT movie it's just not for me, I've wachted the first one and I was bored to hell x.x
I dont think I'm even going to give and shot on this one, but I do like Jessica Chastain tho.
About James McAvoy I'm not sure, but I gotta watch that TV show with him, Shameless! One of my friends talks about this one all the time.

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the theatrical adaptation of It surpassed all expectations on its way to becoming the highest grossing horror film of all-time. However, the movie only told half of the story from Stephen King‘s iconic novel.. The group of kids known as the Losers’ Club may have defeated Pennywise the Clown during the ’80s, but he’s returning to Derry in It Chapter Two 

I can't wait to watch it

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1 hour ago, Nedzi said:

Is this gambling site?

Huh? This is the off-topic category so we can post whatever we want here that doesn't belong in the other categories.

Have you read all the rules before starting to post?;)

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I do think Chapter 1 was still very good and scary. Even if it contained few horror / scarry parts it was still able to provide that spooky feeling.
Waiting on Chapter 2 now that is going to be spicy as well :D

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