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Edward PD Birthday Stream Left Unfinished!?

Would you like to see Edward streaming his gambling later?  

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  1. 1. We want to ask Edward to stream his gambling in a separate session, would you want to see that happen?

    • Yes, definitely!
    • No, not that interested tbh...

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  • Poll closed on 19/06/19 at 19:29

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1 hour ago, Kate said:

I'd love to see is Edward travelling to Serbia to all the support members and buying an actual stream setup this time and talking and chatting with one another .

Yeah, it was kinda boring watching him fighting with a microphone for half an hour.xD

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I believe Edward and other members of the primedice are to be congratulated. Life is hard, the casino is a great opportunity for those who know how to play, have luck and use strategies combined.

I do not have much time at home in primedice as a player, despite my time, I have little time playing the total amount of time I'm registered on the site, for many situations.

I just have to thank the people of this place, the friends I made, the service is top notch, professional staff, the website looks great, and I'm winning!

Thanks for the challenges of the week, I hope now to expand my affiliates here and someday be news that I got rich playing! :)

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On 19/05/2019 at 12:42, CaptainLorca said:

Don’t forget that 1 hour for the stream was estimated and he stayed far longer than that.

He told a lot about Primedices history and how things came to work. That’s the interesting part imo.

I believe a fraction is just hoping he would make it to 2 BTC in order to pour it out on the community...

Yeah you right Captain. 

I found the background story very interesting. Its always good to learn about and from someone who is a business owner and moreover when he launched his business so early in life! I'm impressed... 

And even if I guess you probably right about ppl hoping to get 1 or more btc rained out I think many of us just wanted to see what strat would Eddie use or how he played ( maybe some believed that being the owner  he would have secret strategies or even just better strategies than us common people 😄

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