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Switch Over/Under on Win / Loss in betting dice

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Hi all player,

On this meaningful month because it coincides with Primedice 6th birthday, let me give a little advice if I like it, what if the dice game is added to the switch over / under on win or loss option, I think it is more interesting, sorry only suggestions, what do you think? ..thank you

one again happy birthday Primedice, hopefully the age can be up to 10 years, thank you


ultah primedice.jpg

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44 minutes ago, UltraChief said:

What exactly do you mean to say?

I think he means to say that after a loss, switch sides, or after x losses in a row, or wins for that matter, the autobetting would automatically switch sides. Currently though, this is only available in the dicebot autobetting, not in the Primedice autobetting.

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I think for a long time, the decision to keep the autobetting on Primedice pretty simple (without a lot of extra settings) was to ensure the learning curve wouldn't be too steep. I'm not sure if this stance has changed since this topic last came up, but back then the main message was that you could use third-party tools (like dicebot) to set up more complex betting patterns if you really needed them.

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