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How do you try to keep yourself in good health?

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So lately I've started to work out and I'm already seeing some gains that I never thought I would ever have. Couldn't even do 40 push-ups at once before now I can push myself to do 60-70 push-ups at once. Of course there's a lot more that comes in to play than push-ups when working out.

Now I'm going to try and take it to the next level and get on a diet as well. A lot of websites are saying a lot of different things. So I was wondering if you guys have any specific way of keeping yourself healthy and fit? 

BTW, did anyone notice @Edward is ripped AF?B|xD

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Having a healthy and fit body is everyone's desire, but many people are too busy working so they forget their own health. Actually to get a healthy and fit body is not difficult and also does not have to be expensive. The following tips so that the body is always healthy and fit:

Every morning, try to always exercise regularly. This aims to maintain the condition of the body to always be healthy and fit.
Eat a reasonable portion. In fear your body will be overweight and risky from diseases associated with obesity or obesity.
Avoid fast food and alcoholic drinks.
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits.
Fulfill fibrous food every day. Fiber foods are apples, carrots and nuts. The function of this fibrous food is to protect the body from bacterial attacks.
Meet the needs of vitamin D. Because vitamin D serves to stimulate immune cells to drive viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D can be found in sunlight, eggs, liver and fish.
Don't be late to eat when it's time.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water / day.
Do not smoke.
Avoid sitting too long because it can make your body become tired quickly.
And finally, adequate rest.
From the tips above there are two things that are most important, namely eating vegetables and fruits and avoid sitting too long. Because one of the triggers that cause the emergence of deadly diseases such as cancer and heart actually results from your sitting habits that are too long. To compensate for this, experts recommend that you always eat healthy foods such as green vegetables and fruits. And don't forget not to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages because this is not very good for your body's health.

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indeed health is the most important thing because health is "EXPENSIVE" ..
so ... to keep the body healthy and fit, in my opinion the most important point is "EAT". must remain time, first examine the food to be eaten, pay attention to its expiration date, avoid high carbohydrate foods, as well as fatty foods.

after that, "ENOUGH BREAK". sleep must also be on time so that the body stays awake. Don't push yourself too much if the rhinoceros doesn't want to be invited to cooperate ...

Regular "SPORTS". this must also be disciplined. because too tired in exercising is also not good for the body and our health. the goal is indeed to relieve stress, relax stiff muscles because all day in use for work. but if you are too tired in exercising it can also have a negative impact on your body. the nutritional intake that we eat is not necessarily the same as the energy we spend when exercising.

the core to keep the body fit and fit is discipline in 3 things. "EAT", "SLEEP", "SPORTS". don't overdo it, if you feel it's enough, stop ...

may be useful

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All methods and diet,to me personally, seem to be superfluous.If the diet is not all sorts of fatty fast foods.
I was engaged in professional swimming and I will tell that water will tire and will form the person much more.I, myself, am 16 years 50-70 push-UPS were done on the bar 10-15.

Now I do not do this, for personal reasons, but still my results remain the same, if not increased by 10-15 units.
Just do, learn the technique and do not feel sorry for yourself!

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I try to have a healthy body by exercising. the way that I apply to having a healthy and fit body is,
every time I wake up in the morning I drink warm because it can eliminate the toxins found in the body. then run a jongging for about 5 minutes. then do push ups, sit ups and pull ups. then I add movement by using barbells, I want to make the shoulder muscles and biceps look big.
then I applied a regular diet and ate vegetables. and don't forget I don't drink alcohol and smoke so that my body is healthy.

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Posted (edited)

Well ... this is a great question, because if you are not healthy and healthy you will not be able to play if you are sick, then health is always fundamental!

This issue involves behavior, habits, eating, stress and many other things that I do not know to answer.

After reading about natural healing with medicinal plants, learning to eat vegetables, fruits, drinking plenty of water, and reading various subjects, I discovered about the evils of Codex Allimentarius, I recommend you research on this topic.

So after that, here at home we change our food very much, we do not eat wheat, we avoid industrialized foods, it has to be always as natural as possible.

We do not use oil, we use only olive oil or margarine to make food instead of industrial oils. We do not eat recyclable food from most restaurants.

We eat many eggs, vegetables, bread is home-made, life is simple food, nothing out of the ordinary, I believe my health has improved a lot. I hope to continue walking, and practicing sports when I can not maintain a life of will.

Do not smoke, do not drink, do not get addicted to food that makes you sick. A good suggestion is, if you get sick with something, look for plants to heal what is making you sick, you can be sure, you will discover the world of natural healing. Avoid fats. When buying a biscuit, take a match, ascend the match and burn the biscuit, and if it catches fire, do not buy more because it is either plastic or too fat, in doubt do not eat.

There is ..., and before I forget, super important, sugar is the staple of cancer. Avoid sugar, research on the evils of sugar.

Research about the food you are buying, and remember how much longer to be retained, the more preservative and the chemicals it contains. Good health!

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