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Fantasy Illustration

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Pretty nice stuff you got there buddy. You can try posting your work in internet forums like deviant and others if you wish and maybe you can get a small niche followership to start monetizing that. That how most indie artists tend to grow. Maybe start your own blog too and then move over to patreon once things get in control. :) 

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It's a shame that people can't appreciate all artists' work. Some artists paint wonderful works and sell them for twenty bucks, while some famous artists can paint doodles and get tens of thousands dollars for it. Your work looks fantastic, but to make money from art, you have to come up with an exciting story for your painting or try to paint something else. As far as I know, caricatures are very popular now. You could draw personalized caricature Christmas cards https://www.photolamus.com/valentines-day-caricatures . Think about it because you have talent.

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