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Gambling Impact

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How gambling is impacting your life ? First of all do you see it as something good for you or something bad? What's its impact in your life ,  finance , health , family , etc....? And how much time do you dedicate to gambling ?

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Hi MrNice, 

Sure as others said gambling,  specially in pure luck game shouldn't be done for anything else but having fun. 

For me,  I don't try to make a living from gambling but I don't  do it only to have fun and spend time.  I try doing it to maximize my spare money.  Let me explain.  For example one month after paying all the bills and bought all what I had to if I have for example 100€ of extra money,  I'll try to turn it to 200, then withdraw 100e to use it to current life bills or buying something I haven't planned to buy bc I didn't had enough money.  Then the other 100€ left I keep gambling with it,  trying again to double or even better. 

Another thing I try to do is starting to withdraw a part of my winnings to hold some btc   and then little by little making it bigger. 

But for the moment it s just a wish as I always have something to buy or unplanned bill to pay or..  And it's happening more than I wish I just loose all. 

Same in sports betting. I never bet money that I can't afford to loose and I try to win just enough to make life a little easier.  I think it's better than dreaming about winning big and being bust trying to achieve unrealistic goals. 

I have few friends who gamble for the living.  But they are really few.  Most of my friends just loose over and over again. 

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Gambling has taught me a lot of things. The 1st thin6g is the term greed, I have tried to curb greed in my life. It has been had but still it has been good at the same way. Greed is a way to make you broke for life. On health, it has been a struggle. I dont get enough sleep like 5 years ago again. I dont sleep at night again and it has affected my studies alot.

I have extra cash to take care of my family, so my relationship with my family has been great. 

Before I had a mindset that I have to win big before I withdraw, but these days I withdraw immediately I get profit. I dont wait till my stats get to green because I observed that I always bust before I know it. And these has been productive.

Gambling has really taught me alot of things. Positive things .

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