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TrustDice - Bitcoin Casino with free spins.

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Trust Dice Introduction- Bitcoin casino
Bitcoin Live casino: https://trustdice.win/live

Bitcoin casino: https://trustdice.win/casino

Trustdice games:




1.Trust Dice  based on EOS blockchain. It is provably fair.

2. One of the popular dice game on EOS with very nice community.

3.The game has its own token called TXT. It's on exchange. You play more, you get more TXT.

4.Now, BTC wagering is available in the game. You can claim your free BTC from our  website and gamble in the game.

5. Wager more and get more TXT.  Hold your TXT and win BTC passive income in the platform.


6.Daily wagering contest with rewards up to 0.02 BTC.

7) Free EOS and BTC Faucet with no limits.

😎 Since launching on  October 2018 TrustDice distributed $300 000 to the players.

Would you like to give a try to Trust Dice ? 😊Play Trust Dice, have fun, win more.💰




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Hello everyone! :)
Trust Dice game has made a lot of improvements of the game. 
We've added Bitcoin Casino, Bitcoin Live Casino and a big crypto forum.

Feel free to check our game.

3 users who will leave their trust dice accounts will receive 100k ether :)

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