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Poll/discusion about Dinabot private tips

Poll/discusion about Dinabot private tips  

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  1. 1. What's your opinion/reaction to additional 1% fee on private Dinabot tips?

    • I'm damn angry about that, and principaly won't use Dinabot anymore, you greedy ***! :D
    • I'm not happy about it, so will just choose public tips to save money...
    • I don't like it, but what to do, I might use it sometimes, if really need
    • I like it, and extra fee doesn't make any sense for me
    • I don't care actually, because if I need more privacy, I'm just using alt account :p

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  • Poll closed on 25/03/19 at 07:26

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As most probably saw, we made a test with option to choose private tip from Dinabot, but it adds extra 1% of fees (4% instead 3%, 6% instead 5%, etc). I would like to discuss a bit about that with you guys :)


How it came?

People in Stake are comming and going, and we were searching for ways to let new players know about us. We can talk about us only in “Other websites” section in forum (which even doesn’t pops in recently topics btw, differently from PD). We are not allowed to have our link in forum signature. People are getting muted just for mentioning Dinabot in chat.

I respect Stake rules! There are proper reasons for that. Just only way left for us, was public Dinabot tips. New players noticing that, pm’ing Dinabot, and I can explain, who we are, and how we can help.

Some users want privacy, and I care about that. At same time, I don’t want to lose our best way to show, that we exist, we are legit, and we can help. What options I have?

“Leave everything as it is, only public tips” – I can’t, I want to give option, users want.

“Just allow private tips whoever wants” – I will lose our best promo, and Dinabot might slowly die.

“Raise fees, and give “discount” on using public tips” – It’s a cheat :D

So we decided to test “leave current fees, and add +1% on private tip option” for few weeks, and see how it goes.


What’s your opinion about that? What you would do in my place? Appreciate all thoughts!

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