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Site for checking the price for you ?

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The price of Cryptocurrencies is what we look forward to everyday and it's like one of the top 5 things we do is checking the price of different cryptos by going to a site of which we are comfortable or have a habit of only looking up the price at that site. There are a lot of different sites there that display the different prices of Cryptocurrencies and also their chart and their exchanges in which they can be traded on. We all choose to check only at one site or for some it doesn't matter on which site they are checking the price.

Well for me i have and only visit the site CoinMarketCap to check the prices. I don't know why but i have a weird habit where i search on google for eg : " Bitcoin price " and google does give me the exact number but i still weirdly search coinmarketcap and go to that website and check the price and then only am i satisfied and can say " Ah the price is (down or high ) otherwise if i check the google's answer then i am like " oh let's check CoinMarketCap " . Does anyone here have a similar weird habit or the same exact one ?

Which is the site that you guys have locked in your brain for checking the price of different cryptos ? 

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1 hour ago, Carollzinha said:

As I mainly use BTC for me the best pick is Coinbase


I do use their wallet amd have been using their wallet for a long time but I didn't know that there was seperate link for just checking the orice without logging in. Thanks

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