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Coinbase lessons

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Hey everyone how has coinbase account cqan ear free BAT, x0 and zcash

i did make all quez and did resev them.

i dont know if u need to verify u account or now, my was verify already.


Join waitlist and u get email if u can make quiz

if u dont have account, why not use my ref link, thanks if someone use it, it will help me alot😄

https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a2c19a56a9382013037516d   ref link

https://www.coinbase.com   normal link

I cant promes that non verify account get email about it

if u have any guestion ask, i try help has good has i can.

Ill let u know if there is more quiz.

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I joined the waiting list for this but haven't heard anything yet. I imagine there are a lot of people trying to join the platform to earn Free crypto. I have been using Earn for the last 2 years now but coinbase bought them out and doesn't seem to be as good.

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Hi PrimeDragon, 

Thanks for the trick I'm interested into try it but I'd have too questions: 

Can I ask you how much did you got from those quiz? 

And second one:  what kind of question did you have to reply?  

Thanks in advance 

Be sure I won't forget to use your link to register when I'll do so

Good day

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