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Hello everyone, so I've recently found an airdrop-earndrop which gives you up to 70NRG tokens(about $35) once you pass KYC and complete a minimum of two different social media platform actions-tasks. You will also get 10 NRG tokens per referral who also pass KYC and a minimum of 2 tasks. Anyone you send a new referral to must be a citizen of the USA, Canada, the EU, Australia, or New Zealand in order to be eligible for the current rounds of the Energi Earndrop program. It might take up to one or two months to rechieve the claim mail.

So here is the referral link: http://earndrop.energi.world/homepage.php?ref=42843

Also clean link here: https://earndrop.energi.world/homepage

I suggest you to join through my referral link so you'll get an extra 10NRG which are about 5$.

Thanks for your time!

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13 hours ago, FotisNt said:

once you pass KYC

Thats the main reason why you should be careful while trying to grab every airdrop out there. Majority of them dont give anything worth your time but they have access to your identity now. Asking for a KYC is very suspicious for a cryptocurrency based team. I personally dont trust such projects but people are free to have their own opinion.

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