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The lightning network is starting to soar!

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I'm not too sure how many people are actively interested in the growth of the lightning network and its adoption, but as of late there has been a tremendous growth, which could potentially see some price rising across the whole spectrum of the crypto universe.

Now with a total capacity of 601 BTC ($2,053,000), the Lightning network has added over 15% of capacity growth during the first month of 2019. The total node count now sits just below 6000, the equivalent of a 16% monthly rise, while there are now above 22,000 channels – 36% more than a month ago.

It's certainly hard to argue against the fact that this sort of growth in the middle of a relentless bear market is saying something. Could this be a turning point and a great investment opportunity to buy back in? Only time will tell!

You can find more relevant statistics about the network here: https://1ml.com/

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This a  great new for Crytpo Universe,  let's hope lightning network will be adopted soon to all Blochain Network, this will have a great impact on prices and maybe will get BTC out off that bear trend!

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Lighting network is being developed and people should feel enthusiastic about it.

There are some social media shills trying to make it look bad calling out fake news and rumors that lightning network would allow banks to take over crypto and that its controlled by banks. Under no circumstances should you believe in these FUD news. They do this it manipulate people into missing out.

Support lightning network and its development, adopt it for future bullish trend in bitcoin.

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