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My Favorite Site to Play Poker at using Crypto

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So it seems like many are playing at places today like Coinpoker, which is honestly one of the WORST places to play as you're forced to deal with their fluctuating token prices (usually going down). On top of that, you have to find an exchange, usually an unknown one with low volume to sell them at, further reducing how much you actually won. The solution? Playing at SwC Pokerhttps://play.swcpoker.eu/.

So at SwC, you can deposit with Bitcoin only and in a similar fashion to Coinpoker you do get in-house chips to play with. The difference? The price always remains the same so you ALWAYS know how much your chips are worth while playing. No guessing on the price or wondering how much you'll lose when trading on the market spread. 1BTC will get you 1 million chips, and you can purchase as few as 1 chip. This is how bitcoin poker should be, where there is a "chip" you use in place of BTC, but the chips should always be worth the same amount of BTC. Yes BTC prices fluctuate, but its a lot less than Coinpokers token does. When you're ready to withdraw, SwC cashes out the chips for you directly through them, no need for exchanges or anything like that. The price you paid for them are still what they're worth in BTC when withdrawn. Withdrawals are manually done though, so don't expect an instant withdrawal. They usually take a few hours and up to 24 hours depending on when you put in the withdraw request.

In terms of the games, they have Cash Games, Sit and Go, as well as Tournaments. There aren't hundreds of rooms all filled up, but I've never logged in and couldn't join a game that matched what type of game and ante amounts I was looking for. If you're very confident in your poker abilities you should try some of their tournament buy-ins. They don't have excessive amounts of people you're playing against like the major poker sites and the pots are actually very hefty.

Overall, if you've never tried SwC poker give them a try. They don't require KYC or verification since its crypto-only deposits, so anyone should be able to play here. If not, its most likely just your IP thats blocked, and all you need to do is sign up with VPN. Figured i'd put this "review" up of SwC as I hate that people are still even bother with garbage CoinPoker. their coin, CHP died months ago. In the past 3o days it's dropped 32% in price just to give you an idea. So if you had $1000 worth in chips a month ago, congratulations you now have less than $700 worth of chips. Just to give you an idea compared to BTC, BTC has dropped around 1.2% in the past 30 days.


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Hey, thanks for the post.  I usually play on nitrogensports.eu as their poker is bitcoin funded too, plus they have a sports book and casino.  I'll be trying SWC shortly though.  Appreciate the heads up about it!  Do you know if they have any welcome bonuses?

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On 09/02/2019 at 00:43, Sheen said:

Is this site have bunoses or task?  :) I will  try, later.  I am from stake btw

I checked out SWC and it appears their website does not have any bonuses on it directly.  However I saw a promo (which may have expired) that said you could get $8 in bitcoin or something like that as a sign up bonus.  It appears they do have some free rolls which are always good.  But when I checked the site a little earlier today I didnt see many players on there sadly. 

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