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Anonymous bet settings for competition!

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AnonymousBet in Official Promotions not allowed!

In Primedice official competitions it is necessary that the bets be public in your profile, otherwise, if your profile is set to be hidden, then you will not be able to post your bets in the competition.

Let's see how to do this:

In your player profile, go to SETTINGS and make sure the HIDE BETS FROM PUBLIC check box is cleared.


In my case, my profile was with this option enabled, so when I went to post in the competition, I received a message that my bets were defined as anonymous. And that I can not post anonymously

So I unselected the HIDE BETS FROM PUBLIC option and this way I was able to post my bets in the competition.


Click the UPDATE button to update the modifications. Now you can post your bets in the competition!

Good luck.

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