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Hi everyone

I stumbled over this new ICO lately.

This looks like a great ICO.

It's a rewarding program for using crypto currencies as payment.

You will be able to use crypto currencies in supported shops.

It's still a very new ICO, and they need to work on the software,

but so far it looks like a great investment option.

What do you guys think about it?

Best regards


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Hello @kasinojacob,

It looks like the Company is French which seems reliable (i mean always russian ones try new stuff like this). I have also seen their White Paper and it looked cool for starters.

Seemed interesting, but let's give it a look more into the future. I have also noticed they using ETH as an investment option (to grown up their own ICO). Who knows if it will be successfull or not.

I have also enjoyed their interest into "supported shops" it seems nice to have such feature in the future.

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