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2019 : New Year, new resolutions

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As every year, it's time to take some resolutions that you probably won't fulfill !

It can be funny to know what you decided last year, if you've done it or will try again this year.

It's ok even you've failed at the same New Year's resolution 3 years in a row !


My best resolution was to quit smoking 2 years ago. This year I want to do more sport (I was injured on my knee last year :( )


Let's see what are your best or worst resolutions for this new year or maybe the past years !

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41 minutes ago, ew3gil said:

Last year I quit smoking, then I resumed and I resigned in November .... hopefully the 2019 is smoke-free. for sporting activity we are working ...

I know what you've been through, I resumed and resigned too many times before ending definitly. I hope you'll succeed this time !


5 minutes ago, CaptainLorca said:

I actually made only one: More Pizza!!!! On for this year... more pizza!

Haha ! Who do not love pizza ? That's a good resolution even if it's not the healtiest. I can't disagree 🍕

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I don't have any New Year resolution. I just every day like the normal day. It doesn't change anything.

I can decide to drop a bad habit by June. It doesn't have to be January before I make the decision. 


Everyday is a normal day. 

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I had problem too. I used play excessive games, even leaving urgent work behind. But last year i promised myself that I will never overdo this thing. I reduced my gaming time and now I have control over it I only play on my PS4 on weekends for 1 hour a day. Not more than that, Now i have time for myself, my family and my work.

Initially its hard, but gradual practice makes it good.

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I'm happy that I don't have those kind of bad habit which are injuries to health. But I do too much gambling. It makes me unpleasant and depressed while I lose big and all. It's also make bad effect to health. I wish I can do gambling less and spent my time in other useful work. Which will give me mentally peace. 

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18 hours ago, AK51 said:

My aim study atleast 1hour daily..

It depends on what you want to study. I want to learn piano but I'm not very organized 😐

Good luck with your studies !

4 hours ago, vikkiwinner said:

never stop , every moment i have to learn in any field  , 

You seems too to have an appetite for knowleges, go as far as you can !


8 hours ago, Sasor said:

Catch up my favorites mangas and animes. I'm tied up during the week that there's no time to follow 😭

I can understand you on that point, I have finally caught up my anime list but still have a lot of scan/manga to read/buy 🤣

I'm reading "Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken" actually ! Good reading and watching !

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