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Choose a Charity Poll #7

Choose a Charity Poll #7  

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  1. 1. Which charity should we donate $1,000 to?

    • Watsi.org
    • Litecoin-foundation.org
    • Tunapanda.org
    • Omninano.org
    • Humanityroad.org

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Check out the charities below and cast your vote for the one you want us to donate $1,000 to!

  • Watsi.org - Watsi is a crowdsourcing donation platform that allows you to directly fund the medical care for individuals in developing countries.
  • Litecoin-foundation.org - The Litecoin Foundation is a promoter of both Bitcoin and Litecoin. Their main goal is developing and advancing blockchain technology for the future.
  • Tunapanda.org - The Tunapanda Institute offers its students free education in the fields of web design, graphic design, computer programming, video and film editing, business and communication.
  • Omninano.org - Omni Nano has a mission to inspire today's youth to become the leading scientists of nanotechnology. Their goal is to make nanotechnology education available in every high school and college.
  • Humanityroad.org - Every year Humanity Road helps thousands of people around the world impacted by natural disasters. Throughout 2017 Humanity Road volunteers responded to 65 events in 19 different countries.

A winner will be decided by which charity has the highest total votes between Twitter and the forum polls! (Combined with Stake votes)

Want to see a new charity listed next week? Leave a comment below! 

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I also voted for Humanityroad.

I had a hard time choosing and I think that the idea about splitting the donation is very good, so $600 for the winner and $100 for the 4 rest.

I think it's too late to do now, but maybe in the future it could be like that. Very nice to know that some of all the money I have lost in PD will be used on charity :)

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