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Playing on 1.1x

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Over the few months i was wondering to play on 1.1x . I started playing on 1.1x but never got success. I generated pattern for 1 of 1000 bets on Dicebot , but still not success.. Did any one tried 171 continuous green would result in getting 10btc ....But its waste of time . I have tried using may many patterns for nonces to generate the same . but no success.  it usually messes up in 4 th or 16th bet . 

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There is no guarantee that a certain multiplier will always yield you profit. Multipliers are there to give you the payout but the luck is yours. If you are not lucky you will lose. This cannot be avoided by changing nonce. Nonce is there to generate the seed. Changing the seed has no effect on your rolls. Every roll is unique and has no dependence on any pattern or the previous roll.

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chance=90  --sets your chance for placing a bet
nextbet=0 --sets your first bet.
bethigh=false --bet high when true, bet low when false

enablezz=false --set to true to use high/low switching 
--settings from advanced mode

enablesrc=false --set to true to use stop/reset conditions 
--settings from advanced mode

function dobet()

if counter==6
or counter==15
or counter==115
or counter==224
or counter==398
or counter==615
or counter==822
or counter==823
or counter==885
or counter==993
or counter==1002
or counter==1024
or counter==1169
or counter==1282
or counter==1401
or counter==1414
or counter==1430
or counter==1465
or counter==1493
or counter==1542
or counter==1589
or counter==1784
or counter==1795
or counter==1857
or counter==1878
or counter==1884
or counter==1886
or counter==1909
or counter==1911
or counter==1970
or counter==2018
or counter==2038
or counter==2085
or counter==2098
or counter==2150
or counter==2202
or counter==2246
or counter==2252
or counter==2271
or counter==2290
or counter==2422
or counter==2440
or counter==2564
or counter==2696
or counter==2783
or counter==2831
or counter==2935
or counter==2967
or counter==2978
or counter==2986
or counter==3034
or counter==3136
or counter==3160
or counter==3168
or counter==3188
or counter==3200
or counter==3453
or counter==3470
or counter==3485
or counter==3531
or counter==3544
or counter==3564
or counter==3566
or counter==3667
or counter==3672
or counter==3714
or counter==3780
or counter==3785
or counter==3791
or counter==3835
or counter==3865
or counter==3912
or counter==3947
or counter==4095
or counter==4229
or counter==4333
or counter==4336
or counter==4380
or counter==4478
or counter==4555
or counter==4716
or counter==4752
or counter==4832
or counter==4841
or counter==4852
or counter==4900
or counter==4920
or counter==5108
or counter==5182
or counter==5263
or counter==5357
or counter==5395
or counter==5428
or counter==5469
or counter==5522
or counter==5523
or counter==5652
or counter==5661
or counter==5783
or counter==5786
or counter==5843
or counter==5864
or counter==5867
or counter==5903
or counter==5906
or counter==5969
or counter==6199
or counter==6273
or counter==6382
or counter==6419
or counter==6483
or counter==6586
or counter==6592
or counter==6607
or counter==6621
or counter==6711
or counter==6727
or counter==6746
or counter==6864
or counter==6877
or counter==6896
or counter==6914
or counter==6939
or counter==7089
or counter==7103
or counter==7165
or counter==7205
or counter==7392
or counter==7396
or counter==7496
or counter==7538
or counter==7619
or counter==7620
or counter==7675
or counter==7703
or counter==7843
or counter==7897
or counter==7998
or counter==8078
or counter==8110
or counter==8139
or counter==8182
or counter==8199
or counter==8272
or counter==8312
or counter==8479
or counter==8530
or counter==8564
or counter==8626
or counter==8731
or counter==8759
or counter==8785
or counter==8990
or counter==9049
or counter==9069
or counter==9103
or counter==9147
or counter==9148
or counter==9179
or counter==9235
or counter==9533
or counter==9631
or counter==9657
or counter==9681
or counter==9701
or counter==9760
or counter==9905
or counter==9933
or counter==9962

else nextbet=0

if counter==10001 then


I have generated these numbers from QRNG machine , But still no success ....never got more than 12 correct......the games supersedes the randomness from QRNG .

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There are no markers that can justify this method.
I have a strategy topic po 1.10 (sub Indonesia) if you want to read it there.
I share it with two topics with bets and the best hits. You can use translate if you want to understand that. And of course po 1.10 is a high risk strategy.

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