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Which of the following coins do you think will rise most?

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Hi everyone

I have invested in a lot of different alt coins. I think that they will all rise a lot in price over the next few years.

I would like to know what you guys think. Here's the list of coins:

PPC - Peercoin - Currently about $0.56 

STRAT - Stratis - Currently about $1.1

XRP - Ripple - Currently about $0.37

XMR - Monero - Currently about $49

ETC- Ethereum classic - Currently about $5.26

KCS - Kucoin - Currently about $0.62

Of course I have a lot of other coins as well, but these are some that I would really like to hear your thoughts about.

I look forward to your answers and opinions.

Best regards


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Im not a fan of alt coins specially if i don't hear from them by just googling some Crypto news.

But i would say you should pick most of the coins based on their white papers and see if there are some effective transaction support such as exchangers -> fiat and so on.

Will there be / Are any new technologies or older ones being implemented into those forks?

You can only speculate about them as everyone already did, but im not sure in which i would help you decide with as there are so many factors.

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9 minutes ago, davincuy said:

i think ripple is the good one, but still, dont be greed. if u got the profit , just sell it

dont wait until the prices is going down again ;D 

So why are you saying that ripple is good if you do not want to at least give it a try and let it slip?
I mean if you say is good why shouldn't I take the oportunity wait for the price to rise a bit more and trying to get some profit out of the market?
Doesn't make sense.... You can still get the profit and wait for the prices to become larger.

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Tough pick, a lot of good cheap coins on that list.  I would say Peercoin, because I have some also :)  They should all rise as a group though once the market turns around, I like having more than one coin, just in case something explodes.

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