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What’s the reason to keep bank accounts?

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For now i have a lot of money to create s bank account actually having a bank account is good for cryptoworker why because not all of exchanger site is secure so you can transfer your fund in to your own bank account if bitcoin is price is going down you can transfer to your bank account then buy if price is cheap 😁.

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I still have my bank and I am emotionally attached to it, dunno why ;) Might be a force of habit, might be that I find Vault feature a bit more demanding in operating, but sending tip to bank straight has always been my preferable thing :) Vault is great, don't get me wrong, it has all layers of protection, I just don't like seeing those funds while I am on my main, basically, I forget about them and then get surprised when I check the bank, like - wow, when did I reach that sum :P

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