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Issues, content, many posts

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I have a short time of primedice, and the little time I had I did not have the opportunity to read everything I can here. I looked at the forum today and saw that it has a lot of information, but too much information.

So that seemed a bit confusing. For example, I went searching with the basic deposit rate and did not find it and also do not know if I typed the correct term for the search to be done properly.

Perhaps the forum has many "silly" questions about who was born the first egg or chicken, things that do not help anything here in the primedice. Sorry if I'm being too scathing, so I would go in here to know who was born first or what device was created or what if the platform's focus is gambling, gambling, money and business?

So the really important news about the site, the game, and other chat topics are not being so important that can cause it to be demotivated, or it's like having too many things and papers on the desk and can not find what you need, ahaha. a hug!

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Just get a use of it over time. The most information are located in "Forum Support". Of course we have the sections like Gambling, Cryptomarket and Primedice related. 

There are also sections for fun where topics like "Chicken or egg" pop up. That happens :)!

Don't hesitate to ask if you got questions. Its never wrong to ask before you accidentally ran into breaking the rules or anything.

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Just like other gentlemans has said, the forum is nicely and categorically organised, there's an absolute independent section for support issues, and I also disagree with you @Nanoluna with the silliness, I find actually cool to discuss several topics aside from gambling, this is a diverse community and it does deserve a diverse forum discussions.

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