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BTC ----> Paypal

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Just a friendly advice that paypal has its own rules against bitcoin transactions. Doing such trades will make you vulnerable to charge-backs and frauds by the other party who can scam you. In general any reversible money transfer system is not recommended in crypto transactions. 

Good luck on finding anyone to do this trade.

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If you're not averse to what amounts to basically a massive exchange fee, there are ways to indirectly convert your BTC to PayPal funds:

  • Buy a Vanilla eGift VISA card (prepaid credit card) from an authorized vendor that accepts BTC, such as Newegg or eGifter
  • Register this credit card with an intermediate PayPal account, then transfer all the credit card funds (be careful to account for PayPal's fee) to your main PayPal account
  • You now have PayPal funds on your main account, though less than what your BTC was worth (because both VISA and PayPal take their own cut)

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Hello @Dude431, how is it going?

I have been using Coinbase for such long time so i know it is trustable for you to exchange with them safely into Pay Pal.

Still! You may only use Pay Pal with them if you are an United States citizen. If you live in other country... Well, you will have to find other options for you from the ones everyone already stated.

Still my 2 cents in trying to help you, unfortunately do not have any more "trustable" sites that you can use unless you try them first.

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