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Problem Coping with a huge loss

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Have you ever made a big loss and regretted it as soon as it happened . what step did you take to prevent this happening again ????

wE have all occured a big loss   but what measure can you take to make sure you dont do it again..???

Excluding yourself from a website sometimes doesnt help because if u are a gambler u will find another website or means to gamble...

Puttin someone in charge of your finacial affairs would help you as u would see your money getting bigger instead of depleting from gambling ..

Its all irelevant really as you have to have your own will power and realise if you are digging a bottomless pit with your gambling...

Anyway just thaught i would share this with you if you think otherwise please leave a comment.. 





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I think everyone has already experienced a loss that they regret.

and you have to ask yourself, why do I regret it?

the answer is very often the same, to have played too much money for us. For me the key to gambling is bankroll management.
To impose maximum losses per day/ time per day... etc

you have to "professionalize" yourself, all the big winners I know have one thing in common = strict bankroll management (like a poker player).
It helps to fight the tilt which is the player's worst enemy (whatever the game).

For example if I have 1 bitcoin of bankroll and I lose 0.005 it won't get tilted or regretted... On the other hand if I lose 0.1 the tilt will come very quickly... and I will end up losing everything. Even on a game with 0% edge, if you tilt you will end up at 0 bankroll.

It's not easy to do, but it changes the "life" of a gambler. 

(sorry for the English... translator)


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