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Does exercise increase sex stamina?

Does exercise increase sex stamina?  

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  1. 1. Does you think that exercise increase sex stamina?

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I think that while exercise can increase your physical ability to continue the rhythmical action required to last longer sexually, it doesn’t ensure a hard erection nor will it ensure your ability to stay in control of ejaculation and i guess these problems happen because men and women aren’t taught a relevant start-to-end procedure which explains the mechanics of sex. With this advanced sex education it can become easy to increase your sexual stamina.So guys what your thoughts on this

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Sure, when I stopped going to the gym, I felt that I have less sex drive and when I came back to the gym again, after just one week I had the same libido as before. I think that when you do hard exercises such as quad or deadlift your organism secretes much more testosterone. I feel much more sure after training, so it helps for sure. For a pity, I am old already to have much own testosterone so even use very good pills for erection comprar cialis generico barato https://espanolcialis.net/comprar-cialis-generico/ to have sex with my wife. I have always wished to be always young.

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