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Brickblock.io your thoughts about it?

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Hi everyone here on Primedice forum

Some month ago I stumbled across this site Brickblock.io. 

Back then they had an airdrop and I recieved 3 BBK for free. 

Of course I hope that the site and service grow very big and that those 3 BBK will end up being worth a fortune.

What do you guys think about this site?

Best regards


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I was thinking of something like that, real estate on the blockchain.  Definitely will keep my eye on it.  Never herd of it till today.  Kinda sounds like group investing, which was popular even before the crypto.

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Is this company still a thing anyway? I have just visit his homepage and page takes a while to load, after certain seconds (loading for ever) i was able to check it out completely. On first impressions it did not kept me in it due to his low Design, did not attracted me at all.

Due to those points i would not move forward becoming part of it (using it) for my personal usage. Does not seems legit (just my humble opinion).

Always check out for your first impressions on such "unknown" companies. You know how in these days everything can smell as scam or not worth "investing", "giving it a try" at all.

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