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Personal luck of a person!

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9 hours ago, Bimfo said:

Luck helps make the right decision? Lol. There is nothing like right decision in Dice rolling.

Everything is by Chance. That is why 1.01x will burst at 1st roll and 9900x will Hit at 1st roll. 

Everything is by chance. I don't believe in luck.

You look someone who has gotten some betting experience, i would agree with you in everything. You are the one who is giving the shots the the rolls (by using your strategies and how much are you willing to LOSE, BET, CHANCE

I would still call it luck if by any chance i get way more greens, reds then probabilistic maths considering them. Example as you said 1.01x burst at 1st roll and 9900x will Hit as 1st roll. It did happen to me once but not much in the long run. But you can still get like way more greens in the future rolls.

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On 10/12/2018 at 09:20, Lexus19 said:

Do you think your chance to win might depend on something from above ?  Maybe if you cannot win a lot  then simply you are not supposed to get big winning and should quit trying . I saw the players who came to the site made a Deposit and multiplied it by 7 - 11 , I've never had such luck.  It doesn't matter which site or game . I'm talking about the Deposit . Was that I with rain 15,000 BCH made 24 million I multiplied 15K on 1600 and it was cool , but the gain would still a small  . My biggest Deposit was 0.30 BTC if I could multiply it by at least 5 I would be very happy , but the maximum I got from it is + 20% . I lost it for an hour and then all night trying to recover , somehow played and made a small profit  . Someone from above does not allow me to win ? Maybe because the money must be earned by work ?

The game is all about 2 things: LUCK and STRATEGY.

Luck plays a role, but then, a good strategy changes the gameplay. Goodluck! 😉

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I've thought about it a lot. I think it's a mixture of everything, luck, plays, strategies, vision, attitude, courage, fear and above all to be very attentive to the numbers that are coming out.

Making deposit if you know how to play is a turbo type, but without luck it can be a disaster, so again I think that luck and the moves have to be in tune with the moment.

I made a deposit of 0.1 btc and lost everything to try to recover another 0.1 btc and the result was a loss of 0.2 btc. However without deposit I already did 2k satoshi achieve 0.2btc that I had lost, incredible right? Yes! 😊

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The amount you deposit determine how long your wagering will last if properly planned out, but in some cases it all depends on lady luck. We have seen situation whereby some players withdraw big from faucet. Everything comes down to luck. Your bankroll means nothing.

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