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What is your most Loved & Hated coin in PD?

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On 08/12/2018 at 03:37, BladeMaster said:

If I rank my most Loved coins in PrimeDice, it will be as follows. Of course most hated coins will be the inverse.

  1. BitCoin
  2. LiteCoin
  3. Doge
  4. BitCoin Cash
  5. Ethereum

What don't you like about Ethereum? I like Ethereum because you can play with "higher" numbers on it and it still has some market value. 

  1. Ethereum - Simply because that's the currency I use the most and like to play with the most for the reason above.
  2. Bitcoin - It has such a high value that if you manage to win with BTC you're almost instantly getting more value out of it for "lower" numbers. If you get what I mean?
  3. Bitcoin Cash - I really don't like the coin and the coin but because of it's market value and the reasons above I'll give it a 3d place.
  4. LiteCoin - I personally don't have anything against the coin itself but I'd just prefer betting with my top 3 coins.
  5. Doge - Doge just doesn't have any market value, it's a troll to my eyes... But it's nice for testing a strategy I guess.

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i love btc and eth. because in my opinion these two coins have great potential in the future. in terms of price, btc and eth can be said to be able to compete in the market exchange.
this is a row of crytocurrency that palingsaya loves and the bottom row is the one I hate the most.


2. ETH

3. BCH



why I say litecoin (ltc) is a coin that I hate. the main thing is the price problem, ltc has dropped until the price is very unnatural. even surpassed my estimate, and what if the price goes up, not so high. once I collected an LTC for quite a long time (almost one year). once I want to sell it, I see the price on the market really hurts.
finally it stopped me from collecting ltc, even when at primedice right now, I rarely play dice with ltc bets. I will only risk ltc if I don't have another coin.

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I really like BTC too. It's the strongest coin and I think it's here to stay. I don't really "hate" any of the coins though. A lot of them are serving a purpose, for better or worse.

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18 hours ago, Elguardado said:

i love play with BTC but i really hate  play with doge because 

it's a deceptive coin that you can lose a lot and you do not realize

Yes true but doge coin is the only coin that makes us feel rich and also helps us to try out strategies in various ways. 

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10 hours ago, sandricks said:

the most i love coin in pd is the doge why??? cause doge is very cheap among the coins on the pd an it easy to reproduce and fast to witdrew

same with me, not only because of the price but with doge it's easy to play dice with the minimum balance to avoid the long red

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My ranking of the coins would be: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin. Not really hating on Dogecoin but it gives too much hassle when withdrawing that coin and converting it to cash unlike the other coins.

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As for me, I mainly only use three coins here. 

That is BTC, for hopes of high profits. I kinda get so hyped while betting with it's seemingly small value yet really big when converted.

I only use eth when I feel like playing that feels like big but smaller in value.

I use doge to test out strategies. Due to it having a very low value, a coin can be risked easily without fear to try out a certain strategy. 

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