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My favorite Films & Series

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Hello to everyone again! Today I’m gonna share with you my favorite films and series. As I wrote in the introduction before my favorite films from MARVEL studios and favorite series is Game of Thrones. But there’s much more of them which I like. Let’s start...

From MARVEL studios my favorite films are: IronMan2,Avebgers(1,2), Thor(Ragnarok), Antman and Wasp, Infinity war and venom. I’m my opinion those films are the most excited ones and have the biggest influence on each other.

In the 2019 I’m waiting for Captain Marvel and Infinity War 2. 

From comedy’s my favorite one is Babysitting part 1 and 2. This film is absolutely funny and I’m sure everyone of you will take a fancy to it. 

From fantastic movies, I give my preference to Transformers (1,2,3,4)

Watched all of them and still didn’t fall out of love with them.

Why do I like Game of Thrones and recommend u to watch it... Because of the workmanship bearing, acting and extraordinary sets are as stunning as the gigantic extent of the arrangement. Somewhat moderate at first, yet it's a grabber once you get into it. 

Within those series,I also liked new one called “The Purge”. There’s only one season for that moment,but I strongly recommend you guys&girls to watch it!

As well I like to watch Gotham and waiting for the next season,which should came out in the spring.

Sometimes I’m watching series from DC like “Flash” and “Arrow”.

Hope you guys&girls will enjoy watching them!

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seems u like the marvel movies jeans .. all great charachters and fighters  the same as you..... ok i gona download the PURGE AND SEE whats it all about.. great insight to ya movie and seris taste jeanzzzzzzzz,,,,,,

i thaught u might like oliver twist  


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6 minutes ago, Faris said:

I watched a lot of series but my fav series   Prision break, Breaking Bad, La casa de papel, Vikings and Game of Thrones. I dont like watch movies.

Prison break is awesome. Watched it as well. Actually last season was not so cool,but others was so good.

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OMG!! bro, we have lots of similarities! My favorite movies are those you listed, even the series Games of Throne, The Flash, Arrow the only this didn't watch yet is "Purge" I need to watch it soon :D

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The movie which has made a huge personal impact on me is none other than Nolan’s The Prestige.

The main reason why I admire this movie so much is that it tried to blur out the long standing dividing line between Magic and Logic in a very bold way.

The prestige is a story of two very talented, ambitious magicians who become strong rivals of each other in their pursuit to pull off the greatest magic trick ever to the point that they both go to extremes in order to prove their superiority over the other, even attempting murder.

This movie is a good example of what a person’s determination can make him do.

It also brings the greatest magician/experimental scientist of all time-Tesla to life on screen and his understatements are truly remarkable.

“Nothing is impossible, Mr. Angier, what you want is simply expensive. Don't forget your hat. I hope you enjoy the mountain air, this will take some time”, Tesla tells Angier when the latter is seriously pondering whether a person can truly be teleported or not. The conviction with which he makes this statement in the movie still gives me goosebumps. Needless to say, Tesla not only designs a teleportation device for Angier but also makes sure to warn him of the dangers of taking science for granted.

I have watched this movie several times and to be honest, I could not find a single scene which was irrelevant or could have been executed better.

This movie is simply a masterpiece.

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