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2018/2019 New Years Resolution

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Hey everyone, I've seen quite a few of these made last year 2017. With another year gone I suppose it's time for everyone to start writing down another list of resolutions only to fail most of them within the next 2 months (me included!). I'd like to ask what are you guys' resolutions regarding Gambling for the upcoming year?

I'll start off by saying I'm new to crypto in general, and was definitely not there during last year's price boom. With that being said, this year is drastically different, and prices have been at a surprisingly large downward trend ever since the BCH fork catalyst last month. As of right now, BCH has dropped to prices nearly identical to ETH, and ETH is looking to become the next LTC (lol). I guess my first resolution is to not wait anymore and start investing in crypto in general. I'm abit iffy on investing in anything other than BTC due to it being the first of its kind and logically the most stable. I'm looking to invest my entire Xmas bonus (maybe more) on BTC once it goes below $3000, and hopefully in another 2-5 years it pays off when I'm relaxing at a beach somewhere. 

My second resolution is to hit some of the big multipliers other people posted on here. That is mainly 990x (thanks to this week's challenge which has proven extremely hard, except when I preroll with Doge then it happens alot XD), 9900x thanks to the guy who won 2 BTC yesterday, and definitely flame, which should theoretically come with the previous two goals.

My third resolution is to try some serious IRL Gambling. So far I've only went to two casinos around my area and I have to say it does look daunting at first. I'd definitely like to thank PD/Stake and some very useful posts by players for actually teaching me how to play blackjack/roulette/etc. I'm hoping to not encounter as many Dealer 10s in irl casinos as I do online lol. In fact I've already made plans with a few friends on New Years Eve to try our lucks :D

There are a few more resolutions that I think everyone has, such as going on a diet (haha), learning some insane food recipes, and getting together with friends of long ago.

How about you guys? Did you manage to stick to any of the resolutions you made in 2017? Are you going to make some more different/interesting goals for next year? Let me know :) 

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My resolution is to play responsibly, have fun, and have a healthy lifestyle.  I would also like to accumulate some knowledge about gambling, possibly for a book.  I always said if you are smart and like to gamble but can't make money on it, write a book about it.

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