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PD promotion?

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Hi guys! Comparing two sites PD and Stake we see the latter quite strongly promoted via discord, mail bonuses, regular on-site and social media giveaways and my favorite Christmas contest :)And that is well understood as Stake is a larger project with variety of games and solid expansion opportunities.

PD in opposite is a single-game project with not much ambitions to expand. But did you notice just a few months ago PD’s online chat audience was twice as large as the Stake’s? I think the crucial moment was summer upgrade after which PD’s chat audience fell abruptly and today’s ratio is exact the opposite. I might be not 100% correct with the numbers but PD’s falling chat and forum activities confirm my view.

Could PD audience be restored to the older levels and even more? Why not!

Does PD have the growth potential? Sure as one of the oldest crypto-gambling sites around.

How the current players will be affected when PD grows? The stronger the House the safer the Players, isn’t it?

Well, guys do you think PD needs more promotion to expand Its player base? How that could be done? Or with falling interest in crypto, the efforts are just not worth it?

Please share your thoughts :)

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There are a lot of rozgrashes on the Stake, which attracts a lot of new users, there are fewer contests on Prime and a lot of users have moved from Prime to Stake) If you do something similar on Prime, then I think the audience will expand a lot:)

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