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Any doubt playing dice? (especially in here)

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Hello Primedice! You already know this site was the best of the Dice Casino since 2013. 

I'm curious, do you have doubts when playing dice at Primedice? Although provably fair has proven that there is no interference from the hands of the Primdice itself. How to overcome these doubts, if you play with a large scale bet.

Everyone must have doubts about doing a bet, especially the money bet is the result of your hard work. What methods make you more calm about betting? How do you overcome your fear? 

For me, doing prerolls until my doubts disappear (I only doing that at Primedice and Stake) and then I bet with my balance. How about you?

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oh my friend .... such doubts always torment me when I risk betting on rare long prerolls, especially if I lost ((I mean, an even rarer long preroll fell to you

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