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Which altcoins have you bleeded the most on this year?

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Almost all the altcoins are bleeding as the downtrend continues and the winter in the crypto market is getting colder. Hoping this is the final downtrend for this year as we have already seen a lot of downtrends already and its happening a lot more often this year.

If you have been considering of investing into cryptos now is probably a good time to keep an eye in the market and gain some entries. But if you have been hodling them from the beginning of the year then for sure you will definitely have been bleeding a lot. Was hoping that the downtrend will end soon for a while but still the downtrend continues. Did Cash out most of my holdings when BTC was around 6K$ still a good bargain for entry now.

Which altcoins have you bleeded/bleeding the most on this year?

Personally bleeded on so many with bytecoin and qtum performing the worst. Currently bleeding on LTC, KMD and RDD.

Glad that dogecoin did not take any big hit and price was quite stable this year. As I love to gambling with Dogecoin.

Wishing that 2019 is a bright year for crypto as this year did not went quite well for crypto in general.


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I have lost a lot from holding Kcs (kucoin) I still see it as a great investment, because I got them on Kucoin, and therefore I also get daily, weekly and monthly rewards because of that, so my amount of Kcs has increased, but the price has fallen, so I just keep them and hope that the price will rise again in the future. Almost every coin has lost a lot in value this year, but personally I have lost most on Kcs. A very good question, and I would also like to see some replies from other members :) 

Best regards


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