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BitCoin Cash Goes To All Time Low. Good Time To Invest?

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Hi Gamblers.


If you play in PrimeDice, you might already know that BitCoin cash was originally came as a result of BitCoin Hard Fork on 2017-08-01. From its initial launch it had gone up to $4112.39 & most of the time stayed within top 5 in terms of market capitalization.

After the crypto market crash BCH was holding the price in $400+ most of the time. However on 15th Nov 2018, BCH hard forked creating two coins named BCHABC & BCHSV. BCH ABC is currently recognized as BCH now. After the fork price started to crash and was holding price around $220 for couple of weeks.

Even though the price crashed again Analysts suggest that it will hold its price on $150 & if it fails it will hold the price at second support level of $125.

However BCH today reported its All-time Low price of $118.10 making a drop of price by 11.46% within last 24 hours (According to CryptoCompare.com).

On the other hand BCH SV price marked it highest price on 15th Nov as $156.66 & dropped to as low as $35.82 on 21st Nov. The coin is currently trading at $90.30 and its increase in price by 3.67% within last 24 hours.

I think the price of BCH ABC could further drop to panic sell and will stable around $105-$115 range.

So is it a good time to invest in BCH ABC? What are your suggestions?

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BCH(bchabc) seems like dead after the fork. It has not any positive movement. Mostly people losing their interest in that coin maybe. Investor moving towards other. Though I'm not sure about it. But it may come back goodly. Who knows! As the crypto market in deep down now we can't expect that what's the end point.

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@BladeMaster I have edited your signature so it looks better.

Back on topic, Bitcoin cash and its forks ethere ABC or SV are both centralized coins. Bitcoin was not controlled by satoshi himself/themselves but the bitcoin cash forked coins are controlled by their founders - Roger Ver and Craig Wright. So putting your money in the coin means giving your money to these people. Of course thats not a bad thing but it goes against the "decentralization" concept of crypto.

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